Remix Garden - Wilson McWilliam Studio

Designed by Wilson McWilliam Studio

RHS Lindley Hall

22 - 23 October 2013

The fifth Remix Garden saw the designers of the original show garden, Wilson McWilliam Studio, revisted their work to explore the evolution and change the garden had been through in its various interpretations, and to deliver a new final reconfiguration.

This installation, created at the RHS Shades of Autumn Show at the Lindley Hall in London, distilled the constituent parts embodied within the original design into a dramatic and minimally definitive version. Seven central elements were held aloft and raised and lowered in an orchestrated aerial choreography. Below each element was placed a bowl, suggesting a link between their past and their future - apple tree/apples, copper rod/melted copper, ice block/water, plants/seed heads, boulder/gravel, rammed earth wall/earth, paving/concrete rubble.


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