RHS London Summer Urban Garden Show

Designed by Adolfo Harrison & Darryl Moore

RHS Lawrence Hall

11 - 13 July 2017

The second RHS Urban Garden Show was co-curated by Cityscapes. The show focused on the many different ways in which plants play important roles in contemporary urban life, and highlighted plants that are suited to city situations, whether that be plants for indoors, or for small outdoor spaces such as balconies and courtyards.

The show had a festival style atmosphere with pop-up street food, some of the country's best nurseries and a wide range of plant related products, with the show design by Cityscapes featuring a streetscape piazza theme with furniture by Vestre. The new generation of urban horticulturalists were in attendance with fashionable East End boutique Prick, Freddie's Flowers, Patch, Rake's Progress and Bloom as well as design savvy products from Brie Harrison, Jack Laverick and Denys & Fielding.

There were talks by top speakers including Cleve West, Nigel Dunnett and Alice Vincent. A variety of hands-on workshops were available including terrariums, Kokedama, kokedama, floristry and the RHS Genius Bar was at hand to tell you everything you need to know about growing plants.

Plant-based food were in plentiful supply from street food vendors Vegan Sweet Tooth, Rupert's Street, and Young Vegans, with drinks from Make Coffee and SHED and Seedlip.

Cityscapes Heart of Glass installation from RHS CHatsworth was remixed into Heartless to provide plant-filled chill out domes, whilst a centrepeice installation in collaboration with Heywood & Condie featured a 10m high indoor fountain with a pool containing bejewelled floating amophic sulptures. Working with Arnott & Mason to showcase arid plants suited to growing indoors, Caitlin McLaughlin of Thrift Landscapes worked with Jarman & Murphy to create a sun-soaked neon installation.

The show was launched with a late event party featuring herbal gin cocktails courtesy of Hendricks, workshops and a DJing by Cityscapes team Darryl Moore, Adolfo Harrison and Nicola Cowee.

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