St Mungo’s Putting Down Roots Garden

Darryl Moore

Morgans Lane



Relocated shown garden from RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022.

The show garden for homelessness charity St Mungo’s at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022 was carefully designed in a modular manner in order to be disassembled into its constituent elements and transported to London Bridge after the show and reconstructed on a site on the side of Southwark Crown Court on the London Bridge City Estate.

The recycled and reclaimed materials from the show garden have been rearranged to accommodate the specifics of the site, whilst also retaining a close fidelity to the original design of the garden.

Paths weave through three separate areas which contain seating and planting, while the bright and bold colours draw people in, and relate to other Cityscapes projects in the area, creating a sense of local identity.

The planting draws on the processes and ecological layers of natural plant communities and features a mix of local wildflowers and introduced species. The plants from the show have been planted directly into the existing gravel/silt substrate with no additional organic materials introduced, in order to maintain low nutrient conditions, thereby limiting competition between species and maintaining balances within the plant community. This also encourages slower and steadier growth to ensure stronger roots systems for long term health and robustness.

Stewardhsip and selective intervention is practised in aftercare procedures. Spontaneously occurring plants are accepted if there life cycle strategies are compatible with the overall integrity and ecological functioning of the planting scheme, otherwise they are selectively edited out. Plant skeletal structres are left to over-winter to provide food and habitats for invertebrates.

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