Westminster Kingsway Pocket Park

Designed by Adolfo Harrison & Darryl Moore

Westminster Kingsway College, Regent's Park Centre, Longford Street, London, NW1 3HB

Transformation on an underused garden into a vibrant public pocket park as part of Euston Town's Euston Green Link, creating a green route between Regent's Park and Euston Station.

The pocket park consists of two distinct areas, one hot and sunny and the other other shady.The layout of the space is dynamic and angular, while the planting responds to the different conditions. An ecological planting approach combines plants into communties that function in layers spatially and develop to provide long seasons of successional interest. A wide range of familiar and more unusual plants are used to create a perennial meadow and a woodland area. The planting scheme is sustainable, low maintenance and high impact.

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